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Signs of Spring

Today when I walked my dog Charlie up in the woods, we heard peepers. So I know it is finally, FINALLY, spring here in Maine.

Also, there are these:

From Gardens

Considering my last post here was about being frozen, it seems like an appropriate time to come back. Though thankfully I haven't actually been frozen all this time. I've been writing, moving forward bit by bit on my new project. And putting off writing here on my blog, thinking I should wait until I "have time" to do it properly. I should know better, by now. Because usually "the right time" ends up as "never."

So, I will plunge back in. My current writing project is a bit too close to my heart to talk about right now; instead I'll mention a few things I have loved in the past few weeks:

1) Getting to attend the Maine Reading Round Up last week, hanging out with hundreds of fabulous Maine librarians and writers. I was honored to be on a panel with Terry Farish, Maria Padian, and Sarah L Thomson, moderated by Megan Frazer Blakemore, talking about writing strong heroines. We had the audience shout out words they associated with the word "strength." Some of my favorites: "quiet", "tenacious", "can feel lonely", "authentic", and "hippo." :-)

2) As part of the Reading Round Up, having the chance to listen to Kate Messner's wonderful keynote speech. She talked about so many inspiring things, but my favorite part was when she talked about different kinds of fear: the fear that actually keeps you from danger, and the kind that tells you you are pushing yourself. And the notion that sometimes our fear of failure prevents us from doing the things we need to do most, to grow and learn. As she asked, "What would you do, if failure was impossible?"

3) Have you ever wanted to draw celtic knots? Here's a very cool little tutorial on a simple triskele.

4) I was floundering this week, trying to find the right book to read. I knew I wanted something very specific, but my brain proved exceedingly unhelpful in actually identifying what it that was. Magic? Twisty plot? Gardening? Comfort reading? Tears? But the nice thing about surrounding yourself with a lot of bookish people (virtually and in person) is that you are always well-supplied with recommendations. So I went through a number of my "must try that out some day because Person X adored it" books, found one at the library, and adored it. The book was Saffy's Angel, by Hilary McKay. It's middle grade contemporary, but it's one of those bewitching stories that captures a sort of real-life magic, in the lives of the complicated, colorful Casson family. And even though it touches on some serious issues, it's got this sort of... irrepressible charm and wonder that left me feeling just plain happy. The funny thing is, I know I picked it up at least once before, and only got a few pages in. Sometimes you just have to be in the right place for a book to find you!

5) And lastly, check out these gorgeous photos of the turquoise ice shards jutting out of Lake Baikul (the same lake from the photo in my last post on being Frozen). Our world is a pretty awesome place!
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