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2014 Goals

It's already January 10th, so I should probably post my goals for 2014, especially as I've been enjoying reading everyone else's.

Here's how I did on my goals from 2013:

Finish a new book draft two half drafts
Didn't do this as originally stated. Instead I wrote first chunk of a draft, then rewrote it a different way. My overall wordcount was more than my normal first draft length, so I still feel good about it, though

Knit The One Ring fingerless gloves
I didn't end up knitting the One Ring scarf I had planned, but I revised this goal to be "knit a pair of fingerless gloves and learn to use double-pointed needles" which I did!

Go to Paris

Read four books I've had on my to-read list forever
Partially done. I did plenty of reading in 2013 but only read one of the books on this list (Strong Poison by Dorothy Sayers). I did read the first few chapters of the others, but I wouldn't call it a real strong effort. So they stay on my to-read list!

Send emails to the authors of books I read and love, and blog more recommendations here
Partially done. I did manage to blog about several of my favorite reads, but I failed at sending emails! I know well the joy of reader mail, so I am sorry I didn't do better at this!

Pick strawberries
Done. Nom!

And now here are my goals for 2014:

Finish the Hermione hat
I started knitting this back in July (!)

Avoid watching/reading bad news that has no redeeming qualities
It's one thing to educate myself about world events, but I really don't need to read any more articles about horrible car crashes and murders...

Finish drafting my current writing project
And revise it sufficiently so that I can send it to my critique partners and agent.

Draft (or get a good start on) something new
Ideally something that pushes me in one of the areas I want to improve craft-wise, or explores a new genre.

Send letters to five authors whose books I have read and loved lately

Read at least 25 books by diverse authors and/or about diverse protagonists.

Write up my Paris trip journal

Play Journey
So many of my friends have recommended it (I already bought the soundtrack and use it for writing music) and we now own a PS3!

Reconnect online
I want to reconnect online with my friends (especially the writer-friends I don't see in 3 dimensional life). I've been kind of a hermit for most of the past year or so, and lately I've felt more lonely, missing the awesome folks I used to communicate with. I realized this year that while I read blogs and FB (and occasionally twitter and tumblr) I barely ever post anymore. I want to change that, to reach out, instead of just passively observing. So to start, I'm going to try updating at least three times a week on FB/G+ and at least once a week on my blog for the next month-- then reevaluate. If that doesn't feel comfortable, I'll figure out a replacement goal! Perhaps I will even dust off my unused tumblr account...

Do you all have any goals for 2014? Do you share them online?
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